Designalism is a program that explores, questions and interprets the interdisciplinary approach to design, art and journalism. The focus is on projects in which relevant social issues are investigated by combining journalistic analysis and artistic presentation.

Designalism: a visual translation

Please let us share a very first impression.

Please let us introduce you to Hay Kranen

A new podcast episode about tinkering, hacking and balancing on the thin line between art, data, tech and narrative.

Jeroen Junte about Alison Killing on Design Digger

During Designalism Newsroom, the architect and journalist provided insights into how journalism and design expertise can reinforce each other.

In future journalism, designers are indispensable

Jeroen Junte (Design Digger) wrote a wonderful report about Designalism Newsroom

Designalism Newsroom through the eyes of SVDJ

Together with participants, Bente Schreurs discusses the Newsroom of the Future.

Hot off the press: Designalism Daily #02

This salmon pink edition features insightful conversations with 18 designalists.

Designalism Newsroom Publiek Evenement

Op vrijdag 8 juli 2022 worden de resultaten gepresenteerd op de locatie van Beeld en Geluid in Den Haag.

A recap: Designalism Newsroom

developing experimental media productions for a varied audience(s) at Beeld en Geluid

Listen to designer Alice Wong

Translating complex information into elaborate, shareable stories.

Even more Designalism Newsroom Talent

Meet the participants from Pointer (KRO-NRCV), De Volkskrant and NOS.

Our very first Designalism Daily #01

A printed and digital bulletin presenting new insights on the importance of media.

Thinking differently about publishing

Please let us introduce you to autonomous practice expert Florian Cramer

Curious who's selected for Designalism Newsroom?

Please let us introduce you to these talented participants starting the May 20th at Beeld en Geluid Den Haag.

Did you know that FTM also performs in theaters?

Follow the Money Founder Eric Smit tells all about it in Designalism Podcast.

Open Call: Designalism Newsroom

We are looking for designers, artists, journalists and developers to join our upcoming experimental newsroom

What do we pay our heroes during a pandemic?

An art installation by Yuri Veerman

The Political Atlas of Alibaba

An art and research installation by Maxime Benvenuto

What can the daily news learn from artists?

Journalist Simone Weimans reflects on the Designalism Event

Is artistic journalism our future?

PhD Researcher Stijn Postema about the intersection of art and journalism

The art of theater and journalism

The message of Teatro di Nascosto

Why computers mirror humans

Coralie Vogelaar about her deep learning project

How to defy the law by playing a game

The Uncensored Library with cencored articles for all

Saskia van Stein on our place in society

What she teaches her students at the Design Academy Eindhoven

Escaping the daily news with the Correspondent

An interview with co-founder Harald Dunnink

Stijn Postema analyses Artistic Journalism

The scientist about his PhD research at University of Amsterdam

How does our templated thinking affect us?

An installation by Rachel Morón

Bringing stories and people closer

Marisa Mazria Katz's take during the Designalism Event

Will technology be our next nature?

Listen to Koert van Mensvoort on our Designalism Podcast

Irakli Sabekia's Voicing Borders

An installation about the occupation of Georgia by Russia

Battling fake news and bubbles

Listen to media professor Tamara Witschge

How has our view on certain news changed?

Find out with the 4-D installation from Cream on Chrome

The possibilities of investigative journalism

A podcast with Jake at Center for Investigative Journalism

What will the importance of journalism be in future?

Our interview with reporter and journalist Simone Weimans

Robert Glass shows the government's dirty secrets

Listen about it in our Designalism Podcast

Combining contemporary theater and journalism

Annet Henneman about her theater that tells stories about daily life in conflict areas

The success of Bellingcat

Founder Eliot Higgins about his open source investigation

The importance of Forensic Architecture

Watch Robert Trafford explain how FA works

Visualising geopolitics and earth sciences

Listen to Italian designer Irene Stracuzzi with our Designalism Podcast

Media professional Mark Deuze on our new podcast

About journalism in the multi media world

Have a closer look at US & THEM

On how anti-Asian hate came to be, by Alice Wong

Recognized by Coralie Vogelaar

A performance that explores patterns in pictures in news media

What about the future of journalism and design?

An interview with Angelique Spaninks

Explore the Uncensored Library with Tobias Natterer

Our new podcast about dictators and uncensored art

Listen to NLN head Niels Schrader

A podcast about the relations of complexe socio-political issues

A three part interview series for Future Based

Information oversaturation and interdisciplinary solutions

Designalism event is now online

Watch the recordings on our YouTube channel

Combining art and journalism, culture and politics

Our latest Designalism podcast episode with Marisa Mazria Katz

Navigating between digital and journalism

Our podcast interview with Lara Ankersmit, deputy chief editor of Het Financieele Dagblad

Discussing investigative journalism with Rene Sommer

On data journalism, crowdsourcing, and open-source intelligence

A Recap of our Designalism Event

Insights and findings on the intermediate area of design and journalism

On signs and symbols with Yuri Veerman

"Everything is political, everything is poetical"

Proud to present Annelys de Vet

A conversation on gentle power and radical imagination

Join our Upcoming Designalism Event

A live talk show, portraying frontrunners and innovations at the intersection of design, art and journalism

Listen to Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins

Open source to expose the truth behind global news stories

Introducing Cream on Chrome

Bridging the political with the everyday through design

Barbara Visser on fact and fiction

Questioning normalised methods of storytelling and image-making

Spatial Investigations with Robert Trafford

Our newest Designalism podcast with Forensic Architecture

Design Digger about Designalism

Jeroen Junte's article on our new initiative

Listen to MU director Angelique Spaninks

Taking us into the synergy of design and journalism

Designalism podcast is out now

A series of interviews with makers on the edge of art and journalism

Under-represented narratives with Foundland

Using reports from media to create narratives

Let us introduce you to Harald Dunnink

The man to talk to about the merging of design and journalism

Confluences in values, forms and practices

An excellent paper on the confluence of arts and journalism

Listen to our Designalism Podcast

A series portraying the frontrunners at the intersection of design and journalism

ACED introduces Designalism

An extensive program that highlights and analyses the interdisciplinary collaboration between design and journalism.

Investigating interdisciplinary art and journalism

We are honored to announce that Creative Industries Fund NL will support our upcoming plans for Designalism

Join Designalism at Van Abbemuseum

We organise a public program during Dutch Design Week

The future of journalism through design research

Please let us introduce you to design researcher Daniëlle Arets