Irakli Sabekia's Voicing Borders

An installation about the occupation of Georgia by Russia

08.11.2021  |  by Cato Verhoeven  |  Designalism

Irakli Sabekia is a Georgian designer and researcher, based in the Netherlands. He recently graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven with a background in sciences and visual communication. On the intersection of design, art and philosophy, his practice is a multidisciplinary exploration of matter, image and meaning. In his installations Irakli uses experience as a tool to enter a dialogue with the viewer and create a meaningful encounter with a layered insight.

On the Eastern boundary of Europe, a razor-wire fence is stretched across Georgia. It marks the territories cut off by the Russian occupation since 2008. While the structure itself causes much harm, it hides away from the world’s view the inside of the occupied land, where 16 villages were completely erased from the landscape.

On June 9 2021, ACED organised Designalism: Design + Journalism, a live talk show about the intersection of design and journalism. Watch the full show on our YouTube channel. This evening was in collaboration with Beeld en Geluid Den Haag.

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