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Highlighting pioneers crossing design and journalism

09.08.2021  |  by ACED  |  General Activities

Since a few months ACED organises a weekly takeover portraying a selection of makers and collectives at the intersection of design, art and journalism.

Though the series we aim to provide a platform for artistic and journalistic pioneers. Each contribution is limited to 1 day per week.

Meanwhile we have done takeovers with Cream on Chrome, Alice Wong, Julia Janssen, Jasmijn Visser, Klara Debeljak, Post Neon, Robert Glas, Disarming Design Department, F for Fact, Maxime Benvenuto and MU Hybrid Art House.

Upcoming takeovers are with among others Anouk van Klaveren, The Cultural Index and Saul de Boer.


Alice Wong

Angelique Spaninks

Annelys de Vet

Barbara Visser

Grace Houghton

Jasmijn Visser

Jonas Althaus

Julia Janssen

Martina Huynh

Maxime Benvenuto

Robert Glas

Saskia van Stein